The fastest way to achieve results with Active Campaign

Learn how to rapidly build an effective sales stack using Active Campaign.

Don't get lost in the weeds with this sophisticated piece of software. Our online video training will take you step-by-step through the process of becoming effective in using ActiveCampaign to automate your sales & marketing.

  • Quickly get up to speed on how ActiveCampaign works
  • Learn Lifecycle Marketing and how AC facilitates it
  • Build your first automation and get some quick wins

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Brian Gladu Brian Gladu, Active Campaign - Content & Digital Marketing Manager

Sean knows his stuff. He's been a leader in the Active Campaign community and if his contributions thus far are any indicator, this course should be a great resource for anyone seeking to get up to speed quickly with our software platform.

Ted Cooke Ted Cooke, Active Campaign - Community Manager

I've gotten to know Sean via our interaction in the AC community forums, Slack and with him running the AC user group for Phoenix. Sean is extremely knowledgeable on our software and has a knack for helping others understand complex concepts. I encourage anyone looking to become more proficient with Active Campaign to try out his course.

Getting your head around the concepts of lifecycle marketing is challenging enough, but implementing them via a tool like Active Campaign represents an additional layer of learning. This online course will help you accelerate your time to effectiveness with this powerful piece of software.

Sean Tierney - Lead Instructor, AC Mastery

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View the full syllabus of the AC Mastery course. Sections in green are currently available. Blue designates work in progress. Red is coming soon and black indicates planned for future inclusion.